what a gift for Italians

All Italians are about to find themselves on the bill well € 3500, to be able to spend immediately on the car.

New car bonus
New car bonus – Motori.News

Whenever we talk about bonuses, the news are positive. This, especially in this period, given that the Italians are facing a very difficult period. Prices have risen, life has become very expensive, so there is no money left to spend as you want and not as you should.

There are old cars that require maintenance, which, however, has an excessive cost, others that consume a lot and families who would like to change them but who cannot. For this reason, they find themselves having to choose to use the car less for travel, rather than spending a lot of money on fuel or various maintenance.


3500 euros, for the ecological transition of their own

Italy, it would seem to have found the best solution, to rush to the rescue of all Italians who need help, providing families with a € 3500 bonus, to spend on the car. Obviously this money cannot be used to buy a new car, but to improve the old one from an ecological point of view.

Given that the prices of cars, and not only, are skyrocketing for now, € 3500 would not be enough at all e they wouldn’t even help that much. For this reason, the money given by the state to the Italians can only be used for make a change and therefore to modify the diesel or petrol car and transform it into an electric car.

How does the retrofit bonus available to Italians work?

The bonus in question is called Retrofit bonus, the € 3500 will be allocated to all motorists who want to make an ecological choice and install on their car, even if old, a system called electrical redevelopment. The procedure will be the following, the internal combustion engine will be replaced by a professional, ready to certify everything, with another electric motor.

What’s good about it is that who has already done this work on their carto save fuel, starting from 10 December 2021, will still receive the bonus. The contribution made available by the Italian State covers 60% of the total cost of the transition from an internal combustion engine to an electric motor.

The measure launched is 14,000 million euros, it is not known when you will be able to start applying, but probably the maximum limit will be imposed on 31 December 2022. For this reason, it is advisable to proceed with sending requestsand, if you are interested in this bonus, to be able to receive it in record time and avoid long waits or exceed the deadline.

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