from September you pay for the parking of motorcycles and scooters

In Italy and in other European countries, motorcyclists can park without paying the parking fee: it has always been like this, whether it is white or blue stripes. There are some countries where this will no longer be allowed.

Motorcycle and scooter parking

Motorcycle and scooter parking – the parking of motorcycles and scooters with combustion engine will become subject to charges as for cars. Electric motorcycles and scooters are excluded from the obligation as the measure was introduced to reduce environmental and noise pollution.

Goodbye free parking: the payment of motorcycle and scooter parking becomes mandatory

The measure was strongly supported by the socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, in France and has sparked many protests by, especially commuters who travel by motorbike.

The new standard establishes strict rules. Motorcycles and scooters can be parked for a fee only in spaces dedicated to motorcycles (about 42,000 per hour) or in car parks. It is strictly forbidden to park in the spaces reserved for bicycles and on the sidewalks, under penalty of a fine or the removal of the vehicle.

The obligation to pay for the parking is triggered from 9 to 20 every day except Sunday.

Goodbye free parking from September: rates for parking motorcycles and scooters

All those who travel with motorcycles, mopeds or scooters, residents and tourists of the Ville Lumière, must be careful: ignoring the new rules that came into force on September 1st can be costly.

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goodbye free parking –

For the parking of motorcycles and mopeds (excluding electric ones) you will have to pay 3 euros the hour in the center of Paris (in the 1st to 11th arrondissements) e 2 euros the time in the suburbs of the city (from the 12th to the 20th arrondissement).

Payment can be made via dedicated parking meters or by using the applications Flowbird or ParkNow.

Are provided discounted rates for workers, residents and disabled people: the cost varies between 770 and 990 euros depending on the neighborhood where the vehicle is parked.

Motorcycle and scooter parking: penalties for those who do not pay

The City of Paris has already warned: it is zero tolerance for those who ignore the entry into force of the law.

Anyone who does not respect the obligation to pay for the parking will immediately be fined for violation of the rules. The sanctions range from 37.5 euros 1st to 11th arrondissements (central districts) a 25 euros for all the others (6 hours of parking).

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goodbye free parking –

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