“I have a project that will change my life”

In the Misano paddock there is a party for Andrea Dovizioso’s farewell to MotoGP. 12th place in the race and in the suitcase the memories with Ducati.

Andrea Dovizioso (Instagram)
Andrea Dovizioso in Misano – Motori.News

Andrea Dovizioso ended his MotoGP career with a 12th place in the Misano GP. He chose the circuit near his home to say goodbye to the paddock and close a dull experience with the satellite team’s Yamaha M1 WithU RNF. Strongly wanted by Matteo Ballarin, present at the party in his garage at the end of the race, he decided to terminate the contract signed last year and expiring at the end of the championship.

In the next few days he will still be around the Misano paddock for the two days of IRTA test. Then he will start to focus on his new motocross project and soon we will see him again on the dirt road in some races around Italy. He closes the world adventure with a title in the 125 class, 15 victories in the premier class, three times vice world champion, second rider with the most races (346), surpassed only by Valentino Rossi (432).

Dovizioso and the golden years in Ducati

Andrea Dovizioso (Ansa)
Andrea Dovizioso – Motori.News

He manages to hit the points area in Misano, on his return to the motorhome there is his fan club waiting for him. A few dozen fans who wanted to celebrate the last race of the Forlì champion: “I didn’t expect this warmth from the audience, it means they love me. and that I managed to convey my character, especially in my last years with Ducati. You may like it or not, but I’m different from the usual ‘showmen’“.

Many banners in the stands in his honor, many colleagues raced with his sticker, the cameras were all on him. On the starting grid he got closer Marc Marquezrival of many battles: “He didn’t say anything in particular to me, but I enjoyed seeing him there. If he has approached me it means that there is great respect between the two“. The years in Ducati will surely be the best memories of his adventure in MotoGP, when he came very close to winning the World Championship, the re-enactment will cause a certain nostalgia.

To Andrea Dovizioso the relationship with technicians and mechanics will be lacking, but not certain media headlines. “What will I not miss? The headlines about me (laughs) “. Soon a new professional chapter will begin: “I have a project in mind that will change my life, I want to create something myself, because until now it was others who did it for me. I will certainly return to motocross“.

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