Smell of petrol, because so many people like it: you won’t believe it

We know how many, despite being strong to say the least, love the smell of petrol. To this love, however, there is a logical and rational explanation: here is which one.

Smell of gasoline
Smell of petrol – Motori.News

Nowadays, fueling has become a real stress for almost all motorists, especially due to the new increases that have taken place. One of the few remaining pros of going to a gas station is the smell of gasolineloved by many people.

At the same time, however, many do not understand how to appreciate such a strong smell, yet there is a very simple explanation. To give this particular smell, therefore, is the benzene a colorless and particularly flammable liquid.

Science has told us why we like the smell of gasoline so much

Its molecule, therefore, it exists in 126 dimensions and makes up 1% of its volume. Yet our body will react immediately to the substance despite having only 60 parts per million in the air.

smell of gasoline
Petrol pump – Motori.News

Not even science, therefore, has been able to give a certain answer to why we like the smell of gasoline so much. At the same time, however, we have two excellent clues. One, therefore, has to do with our memories while the second a reward path that clicks in our brain.

Let’s go step by step though. The first reason concerns the Proust syndrome which recalls a strong emotional reaction to a familiar smell and this often makes it our favorite because of the memories it triggers us.

The second, on the other hand, concerns the mesolimbic path or more commonly the reward path. When our nostrils perceive the smell of gasoline, as well as of others hydrocarbonstherefore, it will enter the circle dopamine which will give us a feeling of euphoria.

smell of gasoline
Petrol station- Motori.News

We will have to be careful not to inhale benzene for too long as it can be very harmful to our body

Although the smell of gasoline can be liked and not a little, let’s remember how benzene, if inhaled for long periods, it can be carcinogenic and it could cause various health problems over time. Be careful, therefore, to sniff it on purpose.

In short, nothing strange, then, if you like the smell of petrol, indeed, as we have seen it is perfectly normal since it will trigger various processes in the brain that will make us “feel good”.

smell of gasoline
Benzene- Motori.News

Unfortunately, however, with the new wave of increases, refueling frequently will become a real undertaking and consequently it will not happen so often that we feel the smell we love so much.

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