Car keys in the freezer, everyone started doing it: the reason is surprising

A new kind of trick is spreading rapidly to protect our car, which will advise us to put the keys in the freezer.

Car keys in the freezer
Car keys in the freezer – Engines.New

After all, we know that today’s most modern cars are exposed to many risks, such as being hacked. Unfortunately, in fact, contrary to popular belief, hackers won’t just target our computers or smartphone.

Here’s how our freezer can help us keep our car safe

Today, in fact, not even cars are safe anymore and we will therefore have to take measures quickly. A quick online search will be enough to realize that there are many videos in which we see the cars of the unfortunates being taken away or tampered with while they are still in operation.

For thieves, in fact, it will be very easy to enter the system of your keys and reprogram them for their purposes. For example, the latter can wait until we have gone to bed and then open the safety lock as if nothing had happened and thus take the car away.

Car theft – Motori.News

Despite the fear of being robbed there is nothing to fear as there are several methods, albeit unorthodox, that can help us fight this phenomenon. The simplest method, therefore, is that of prevent the key signal from reaching external impulses.

Beyond be able to remove the batteryremedy that could be quite annoying, we can let our keys rest in the freezer or in the freezer when we’re not driving.

With this remedy it will be impossible to take our car away

But how does this bizarre remedy work, to say the least? Well it’s very simple, the metal box placed in front of our refrigeratorin fact, it protects against various signals coming from the outside and thus will protect our keys from any hacking attempt.

But be careful to find out if your keys are resistant to low freezer temperatures. To remove any doubts, in fact, we recommend that you first ask the manufacturer of your car.

Car keys – Motori.News

As mentioned, therefore, this will not be the most ingenious method in the world but at the same time it will guarantee us protection and safety and we will be able to go to sleep without the fear of waking up without our car.

After all, this remedy, in addition to being 100% effective, is at no cost, so what more could you want? Finally, be careful not to hide the keys behind something otherwise you could spend whole minutes before finding them.

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