“In Misano he trains more than me”

Enea Bastianini tried the final leg on Pecco Bagnaia in the Misano race: for Ducati it would have been a good joke.

Enea Bastianini (LaPresse)
Enea Bastianini – Motori.News

He didn’t win the Misano race but he put some spice on the championship. Enea Bastianini he regained the front row, got back on the podium and above all remembers having a “rebellious” character. On the last lap there was almost a collision at turn 4 when the Gresini rider narrowly avoided the rear wheel of the Ducati. Pecco Bagnaia. The gap at the finish line is just 34 thousandths, he could have subtracted 5 precious points in the world championship race of his future teammate.

He certainly wouldn’t have liked the Borgo Panigale company, but there were no team orders and Enea Bastianini tried. Maybe a little too much, risking a crash that would have been sensational. “I braked very hard because I wanted to overtake him there. But I arrived a little late and then I preferred to pull outwards“, Explained the Romagna. And this could be just a taste of what will be the challenge between the next two boxmates in the factory team.

Bastianini-Bagnaia: the challenge continues

Enea Bastianini and Pecco Bagnaia (Ansa)
Enea Bastianini and Pecco Bagnaia – Motori.News

On the other hand the MotoGP it must also be a show and the Ducati deserves credit for not having had any fear of putting Pecco and Enea together. On both sides, maximum respect and collaboration are ensured, but on the track they will not spare themselves, neither today nor ever. Bastianini is not part of the VR46 Academy and therefore there is not even the moral obligation to help the “companion”.

In the Misano race the ‘Bestia’ suffered in the early stages with the tire temperature. After a few laps he picked up the pace, passed Maverick Vinales, put his breath on Pecco Bagnaia’s neck, right down to the last millimeter of the track. From next season they will share the garage and will have to dictate the development of the Desmosedici GP, an equal challenge. “Ducati is very strong at the moment. This is also important for my future – said Enea Bastianini -. Testing here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is important for the future. It’s a great part of my career“.

At Le Mans he won the hand-to-hand fight with Bagnaia, at Misano he did not succeed in the final leg. “I too often ride in Misano with the Ducati Panigale. But MotoGP is another story entirely. For me, training with the Panigale is not the best. Surely Pecco has done more laps than me here in Misano“.

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