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In the car, now more than ever, there is no shortage of gadgets ready to simplify the lives of motorists.

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The last one is AAWireless which allows you to use Android Auto without wires easily and quickly.

Now is also available in Italy, by popular demand of motorists who have been demanding a similar gadget for some time. On the other hand, technology has been part of our life for many years now. Any car has hi-tech devices with sometimes negligible cost which tend all a lot simpler.

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What is the AAWireless gadget for

Gadgets – Motori.newsA enjoy the presence of these gadgets they are all cars, the high-end ones but also the low-end ones. These are small devices that can be installed to give the maximum to the users.

AWireless for example can turn Android Auto into wireless in a few minutes. He had already landed in other countries some time ago and now he has finally arrived in Italy. It has a cost of 89.99 euros.

It is a gadget that matches the iPhone Apple CarPlay. Both aim to synchronize the smartphone to the car’s infotainment system, allow access to all apps installed on the smartphone without having to use your hands, which often cause unnecessary distributions, making driving much safer.

How to use the device and on which cars

To take advantage of the gadget you use the USB cable that comes connected to the car socket, so the gadget acts as a “bridge” between the mobile phone and the car. Once connected, download the Android app and start the setup. In a few minutes you can start using the gadget which, once finished, it can be stored in the glove compartment and used at any time without problems. Leaving it connected to the USB socket with the car off, the vehicle battery does not wear out because it consumes between 90 mA and 330 mA. To run out of battery, you should leave it plugged in for weeks, without turning on the machine at all.

At least for the moment, it is not available a list of car models compatible with AAWireless, but by browsing the FAQ on the official site you can see that it can be used on any car, even on the oldest, perhaps with some small problem that can be easily solved. Those who already use Android Auto starting the connection between smartphone and car with the USB cable, you can try to buy AAWireless by transforming your car into a new generation car in seconds. All at an incredibly affordable price.

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