‘They only display the prices of the self-service’, the scam of the distributors: check now

Distributors are doing everything to survive and respond in some way to the crisis and economic hardship that has arisen in recent years due to the pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war.

Self-service prices
Self-service prices – Motori.news

The cost of living has become very high, surviving for families is the main goal. It is no longer possible to face any expense, which is why they try to reduce even car trips, limited to those strictly necessary so as not to consume fuel unnecessarily. In fact, many families avoid going out in their free time, at least not by car, while others use public transport, even giving up their independence.

What it turns out is that distributors are making a loss. Somehow they have to react, so there are those who even succumbs to scams. The latest was thwarted by the Guardia di Finanza of Padua which, following investigations, scored seven petrol stations. These only published the low prices of the “self service”, hiding those of the service, which in reality should be compulsorily exposed.

Distributors – Motori.news

In the case of distributors reported in Padua, there are 7 awaiting trial

The scam has also worked for some time, because many motorists have been misled, choosing to refuel in those distributors attracted to prices that were absolutely not valid for the service. Following the investigations and reports, the managers were reported to the competent authorities.

The fine will soon be established. In August, the Financiers of the Provincial Command of Padua monitored the entire network of the province, precisely for to fight offenses of this type. All activities that could have committed crimes, with unfair commercial practices or with some, were subjected to checks speculative maneuvers on prices.

Some gas station scams

The most common scam is the elongation of gasoline and diesel, with water. In reality, this technique was already common before the crisis, which obviously encouraged it as a matter of survival.

Unfortunately, many distributors have adopted this strategy, and the Fiamme Gialle discovered it, following useful operations to detect the presence of water in the tanks.

Technical checks were carried out on the composition of the fuel. Following these, several distributors were subjected to seizure. Consumers need to be very careful, scam and harm are always around the corner.

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