Paramount Marauder Mark 2 Debuts As A Rugged Military Transport

Paramount Group is a military contractor based in South Africa, and the company hailed its Marauder armored truck as “The World’s Most Unstoppable Vehicle” after such statements on the BBC. upper teeth. To make sure the rig can back up that bold claim, there’s now a more capable version of the Mark 2.

The big change for the Marauder Mark 2 versus the original is that everything now uses a universal hull. With the available interchangeable dashboard modules, customers can change steering positions from left to right (or vice versa) in about two hours. This allows operators to adapt vehicles to different markets, even after receiving delivery.

Military-focused vehicles like these are made to do the job, not for looks. The robber was large and boxy. The windows are small as this can be a weak point. Spare wheels attached to each side.

The Marauder has room inside for the driver and co-driver plus up to nine passengers. This vehicle’s double-hull monocoque offers protection from TNT explosions of up to 17.64 pounds (8 kilograms) under the vehicle. The flanks can withstand fire from firearms using the 7.62x51mm NATO armor-piercing cartridge. Inside, there is an explosion-proof seat which provides added protection.

The Paramount video (above) simply says the Marauder Mark 2 uses a six-cylinder turbodiesel engine, without providing additional details. The vehicle can reach speeds as high as 68 miles per hour (110 kilometers per hour), and the total mileage is 435 miles (700 kilometers).

The robbers were able to carry 9,921 pounds of payload (4,500 kilograms). Light enough to be transported from a C-130 cargo plane or Chinook transport helicopter.

Paramount offers Marauders equipped for various purposes. Apart from just being an armored personnel carrier, there ambulance, anti-armor, infantry support and command vehicle configuration. Current customers include the governments of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique and Singapore.

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