Subaru Teases “New SUV” To Debut September 15, Could Be Crosstrek

Subaru has something to cook in the SUV world. The automaker recently published a teaser from its Japanese website about the new SUV that will debut on September 15. Along with the date, the teaser video above shows what we suspect is the next generation Crosstrek.

For the record, we don’t have confirmation that the vehicle arriving next month is actually a Crosstrek, but it’s very likely. Subaru is very sneaky when it comes to keeping test vehicles secret – we just saw two Subaru prototypes wrapped in camo of any kind in the last year. The first is coming in November 2021 with close-up video on the streets of California. That was followed by spy photos in December, and our sources tell us both are prototypes of the next-generation Crosstrek.

A glimpse of the silhouette of the shaded SUV in this new teaser video further supports that, as we see the pointed nose with the egg-shaped rear end and the shorter wheelbase. A teaser photo from Subaru takes us up close to the headlights and part of the grille, and yes, it’s an actual grille with a mesh design. It’s an SUV that still needs air for its internal combustion engine, and the grille/lighting design is very similar to the rendering of the next-generation Crosstrek we saw late last year.

New Subaru Crosstrek teaser
Renders of Subaru Crosstrek 2023

Although the teaser is from Japan, Subaru calls this a global debut. In North America we know this subcompact SUV as the Crosstrek, but in markets around the world it lives on as the XV. This is of course a global model, and from what we can see so far, the new version won’t be too surprising with its design. Most of the changes appear to be at the front with the new face, although the belt line could be a bit steeper as it stretches to the rear pillar.

As we mentioned, Subaru is very good at keeping secrets and as such, we didn’t hear anything about what to expect in or under the hood. The digital display of course allows for both driver and passenger, while Subaru’s 2.5-liter engine can carry power. This should be a model year 2024 SUV, at least for North America where the 2023 model is already advertised.

Stay tuned for more teasers between now and the official debut on September 15. And you can always check out the Rambling About Cars podcast for fun conversations about Subaru and more.

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