Honda Civic With 1,085 HP Drag Races Modded Audi TT RS In Close Combat

Right now, all the attention in the Honda world is on the new Civic Type R 2023. However, the car exists because of passionate Honda owners who, for decades, have been building blazing-fast Civics like the 1994 hatchback shown here. Hoonigan videos. When this car was new, who would have thought it would one day become a 1,085 horsepower, eight-second drag racing monster?

The contested Audi TT RS has several performance pedigrees with the RS badge. This is the 2018 model, which in trim stock makes around 400 hp from the upgraded 2.5-liter inline-five engine. It’s not a stock remote, featuring improved internals and other tweaks to make 900 hp according to the video. With that much power in a tiny TT channeled to all four wheels, it would be hard for even a 1,000 hp front-wheel drive Civic to beat it on an unprepared surface.

This is the problem. The Civic also has all-wheel drive. Wait, what?

It looks like this Honda is a kind of Frankenstein. The lower end of the engine block comes from a Honda Accord. The high flow head is pulled from the RSX. The transmission is a CR-V, and uses powertrain components from the fourth-generation Civic AWD car. And it’s a full-fledged race car, so maybe it’s going to be a good fight.

Actually, it is Good in accordance. We’ve seen some This vs. It previous races, many of which exploded. This time, the first race ended in heat. Audi stretched for an early lead after jumping from the start, but the Civic recovered and struggled to close the gap. Even after watching the video frame-by-frame, the race was declared a draw.

Obviously, Honda had the power advantage so the Audi racer was given a “hit” for the second race. In short, that means Audi goes first by a small margin. Small is the keyword there, but it equalizes perfect between cars. A road-ready Audi with its full interior took the lead, while a heartbroken racing Civic attacked from behind. And amazing, second race also ends up hot. This is This vs. It first, meaning the third race is a winner-take-all event.

Of course, that assumes that there will actually be a clear winner instead of another series. This time, there was one car that clearly crossed the line first, but it was still a tight race. We’ll leave the suspense to the video, because it sure is an interesting battle towards the end.

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