Truck Spills Tomatoes On California Highway Makes Chaos and Ketchup

It’s been a messy week for American highways. On Tuesday, a semi-truck in Tennessee spilled jars of alfredo sauce on several lanes, causing all sorts of chaos and creating a challenging cleanup. The day before, a truck in California hit the highway median, scattering more than 150,000 tomatoes across several busy Interstate 80 lanes.

The tomato spill occurred Monday morning in Vacaville, California when a fruit-carrying truck collided with a vehicle. Based on The New York TimesThe truck hit another vehicle before colliding with the median, which caused the truck to spill tomatoes into the oncoming lane.

The unsuspecting driver drove past the spill, crushing the fruit into a slippery paste that caused the car to lose control. Several vehicles were involved in accidents related to the spill. California Highway Patrol Officer Jason Tyhurst told the publication that the truck driver and two others received minor injuries from the incident. The fourth person had a broken leg. Tyhurst said the incident could easily have led to death.

The accident forced the California Highway Patrol to close the highway in both directions for several hours. According to Los Angeles Times, the tomatoes were cleared from the eastbound lane at 11:30 am Monday morning, more than six hours after the crash. Crews use absorbent powder to remove oily dirt, tomatoes, and oil mixtures. However, one westbound lane remained closed until around 3pm as cleaning crews worked to remove the semi-truck.

Solano County, where the accident occurred, is a significant tomato producer, and the California Highway Patrol has dealt with another spill. However, Tyhurst told NY Times that they usually occur on less busy roads in the area.

The Tennessee incident did not cause any injuries, but the oily sauce also caused slippery road conditions. There’s been no shortage of odd spills over the years, with beer, sardines, skittles, Dead pool comics, and printer ink all end up strewn across the street. That’s some weird and messy cleaning.

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