Ferrari Daytona SP3 1:8 Scale Model Coming Soon From Amalgam

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a vehicle that very few of us have ever seen in person, let alone own. Thanks to the designers, engineers and artists at the Amalgam Collection, it’s at least possible for a few more people to experience a very rare Ferrari supercar. That is, on a scale of 1:8 anyway.

Known for producing some of the most detailed automotive scale replicas in the world, the Amalgam Collection is currently working to add the Ferrari Daytona SP3 to its portfolio. Seen here in prototype form, this model is intricately recreated outside, inside, and under the shell. To be honest, elaborately remade doesn’t really explain the level of detail that goes into a 1:8 scale car. The front has a matching mesh bottom grille, right down to the hexagon pattern. A perfectly matched steering wheel with paddles and switches extends from the dashboard. There’s even a latch for a dihedral door that opens and closes.

Under the cover of the engine, the V12 Daytona SP3 engine is also detailed. That includes small hose clamps, nuts and bolts, and more mesh grilles for various openings in the engine bay. Small struts hold the engine cover open, and the distinctive vertical bar stacks that comprise the rear of the SP3 are perfectly aligned. Even with everything still sporting a dull white, this car looks ready to drive. You know, if we could shrink our size down to 1:8.

The prototype model seen here was completed in June and approved by Ferrari. Final detail work on the first model is in progress, and it’s not just throwing paint into the mix. Amalgam says there are thousands of parts and components that go into each model, and Ferrari will need to offer final approval before series production begins. Even so, only 199 Daytona SP3 scales will be made.

Pricing information is not offered, but Amalgam replicas are not cheap. A similar 1:8 scale Ferrari currently retails for around $20,000, but for those with the means to enjoy such automotive art, the company is currently inviting buyers to “express their interest” on the amalgam site.

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