The Grand Tour Scandi Flick Looks Special Packed With Gathering Fun

After releasing the “Carnage A Trois” special last year, Big Tour the trio is back. This time they traveled through Norway, driving through “the last great wilderness in Europe.” The show hits the Amazon Prime Video streaming service on September 16, when we’ll watch Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May take a trip across the frozen landscape.

The special is called “A Scandi Flick,” named after the driving technique. The show will see the trio engage in a lot of snowy fun, with most of it revolving around rally racing. James May will drive the Mitsubishi Evo VIII, while Hammond will drive the Subaru Impreza WRX. Clarkson is the odd one out with the Audi RS4 B7.

The trailer shows plenty of action, including three pulling a makeshift house through the snowy wilderness. It also seems to indicate the moment before May crashed into her Subaru. Earlier this month, May had an accident during filming, crashing her Subaru into a wall at 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour) during an event where the men raced down a tunnel at an old Cold War submarine base.

May suffered a broken rib, and emergency workers took her to hospital for a brain scan. He allegedly received a bloody head and suffered from pain in the neck and was black. Clarkson and Hammond continued shooting without him, but May received the green light to return to work shortly after the accident.

It looks like Mitsubishi May won’t survive the show, as there is one scene that shows a yellow four-door falling into a frozen lake. Water seemed to be pouring in, and the open passenger door didn’t help. This special looks like it’s going to be full of fun, with a surprising amount of fire. There’s one scene that shows Clarkson turning on the hood of his car, which quickly gets out of hand – and we weren’t expecting anything less.

We won’t have to wait long to see what these three will do after their final special. Big Tour hits the streaming platform in three weeks. Mark your calendar.

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