Kia EV9 Teased During Testing Ahead of Full Debut in Q1 2023

Kia is offering the first official look at the development of the three-row electric crossover EV9. While there are spy shots from model testing, the examples in these images wear slightly less camouflage.

The EV9 features vertical headlights on each edge of the nose. Trim trim spans the area above and below each headlight, creating a faux grille at the front. The lower fascia has a small opening on the sides and a sensor in the middle.

Compared to the concept, the production-spec EV9 is missing the chiseled fenders and side plates. However, the overall shape remains upright and square.

While not visible in these photos, spy shots show that the rear has vertical taillights, echoing the lights on the front. The hatchback extends outward under the window, and the extra space might make loading large items easier.

We know a lot less about the production-spec EV9’s interior. The concept has a minimalist cabin. The driver holds a rectangular single-spoke steering wheel. The digital instrument panel and infotainment screen share a single bezel that floats above the dashboard.

Powertrain details are not yet available for the EV9. Specifications for the concept include an approximate range of 300 miles (483 kilometers) and a projected acceleration of up to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in a range of 5.x seconds. Because it rides on the same Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) as the EV6, the two vehicles may share some drivetrain components.

The EV9 is undergoing final testing at Kia’s Namyang research and development center in South Korea. The evaluation includes testing the all-wheel-drive system by climbing a hill and checking the vehicle’s ability to wade through water. This shows the automaker wants the EV to have a formidable capability, rather than just being a three-row person carrier.

Kia will position the EV9 as the brand’s new flagship offering. The full debut will occur in the first quarter of 2023. The company has already confirmed sales have started in the second half of the year. Price reported starting from around $50,000.

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