Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 “Tribute To 906” Honors 1967 Japanese Grand Prix

The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 is a very capable high performance engine. Thus, it looks quite natural with a racing paint scheme complete with no. 8 roundels on doors and hood. However, there is something very special about this particular combination. It is an ode to the race-winning Porsche 906 that conquered the 4th Japanese Grand Prix in 1967.

To create a fitting homage to classic race cars, Porsche Japan turned to the automaker’s in-house Porsche Exclusive Manufacturing for lots of custom touches. Details on the exterior of this 718 Cayman include a special white finish with silver on the underside, matching the original 906 color scheme used for the 1967 race at Fuji Speedway.

The yellow tint covers the hood, also mimicking the classic look but further added to the side mirrors, side vents and rear wing. The yellow also fills the area around the rear number plate, another nod to the 906 race car featuring a yellow insert on the rear. The number 8 matches the racing number for chassis 145, which was brought to victory that year by Tetsu Ikuzawa.

There are more special touches on the inside. The custom door frame features the layout of the 1967 Fuji Speedway, along with the race winner’s time printed in red next to it. Red contrast stitching is prevalent throughout the black interior, though it stands out most with the custom embroidered headrests featuring the track name, layout, and year of the win. The special badge on the GT4 quarter window features the outline of the 906 with other mentions of Fuji and 1967.

If you’re wondering how much Porsche costs for this throwback trim, you needn’t worry. This is a one-and-done creation for Porsche Japan that will not be offered for sale. However, for those looking to own something similar, the automaker says all the features that make this car special can be ordered through Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. If you just want to see this car in person, it will be displayed at the Porsche Experience Center Tokyo until August 31.

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