McLaren Solus Walkaround Video Reveals How You Get Into a Supercar

McLaren plans to produce only 25 Solus GT supercars. McLaren has sold them all, so your chances of getting one are nil, but one of those 25 is Manny Khoshbin, who takes us behind the scenes in a track-only car. Khoshbin approached for a mini walkaround video.

The car looks otherworldly in the clip, showing off the car’s insane design. McLaren designed the car to let air flow through, under and through the vehicle, creating massive downforce. The car is capable of generating over 2,646 pounds (1,200 kilograms) of downforce, delivering as much as 3,086 lbs (1,400 kg) at 150 miles per hour (241 kilometers per hour). It weighs less than 2,205 lbs (1,000 kg).

Little has changed since the car appeared in Sports Gran Turismo a few years ago. However, McLaren redesigned the cockpit for a more traditional seating position than the in-game vehicle. Apparently, this was one of the first cars McLaren Automotive designed more than a decade ago.

The Solus packs a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that produces 829 horsepower (619 kilowatts) and 479-pound-feet (650 Newton-meters) of torque. It supposedly sounds like a 2000s-era Formula 1 car. It can reach 62 mph (100 kph) in 2.5 seconds. The car is equipped with traction and stability control, which allows the driver to learn the limits of the car in comfort and safety.

The Souls has a one-seat cockpit with a sliding canopy, and the video reveals how one gets in and out. The NACA duct on the side also serves as a foothold that can support a person – and the driver uses it to get into the cockpit before lowering himself into it as F1 drivers do. The seat is fixed, but there is an adjustable pedal box.

Each car is bespoke to the driver with molded seats – another touch like the F1 that also gets the driver a racing suit, carbon helmet, racing shoes and HANS kit with the car. It even has a removable steering wheel. We hope that Khoshbin continues to document his Solus GT experience. We can’t wait to see the supercars on the track.

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