Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Art Car Teased For Gamescom

The real-world version of the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo will debut at the Gamescom show in Cologne, Germany, on August 24. To make this vehicle even more special, the company will ask Belgium-based artist Vexx to paint the car live at the event. .

Porsche just released a dark teaser image of the reimagined Vision Gran Turismo. We’ve got a brighter version in the gallery below to give you a slightly better look. The nose looks like a canvas to depict the characters and flowers like a cartoon. That common motif seems to continue on the rest of the vehicle, alongside some of the word balloons.

“For me as an artist, this is a unique opportunity to create a completely new design for Porsche”, said Vexx in the Porsche announcement. “This display touches on the Porsche brand identity and gaming theme. I’m excited the gaming community will be able to drive virtually from now on – bring my graphics to life and bring them to life.”

Porsche debuted a virtual version of the Vision Gran Turismo in November 2021. The car can be driven on the Gran Turismo 7. The company envisions the engine as an electric supercar that produces 1,300 horsepower (969 kilowatts). This is enough to propel the all-wheel-drive virtual machine to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in 2.1 seconds.

The vehicle has a low-slung body that shares some styling cues with the Taycan. To maximize in-game performance, tThe body has aero elements that move independently in the front splitter and an active rear spoiler.

Instead of a door, the canopy tilts open to allow access to the cabin. Inside, there is a yoke steering wheel. A holographic display shows the instruments. Although the vehicle was only online at the time, the company intended to use only vegan-friendly materials in the car.

This is Porsche’s first time attending Gamescom. The automaker has a lounge at the show co-branded from Puma. Visitors can ride Vexx designs for the Vision Gran Turismo in the racing simulator there. The new look of the car will also be available as a 1:18 scale model from the Porsche Shop.

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