Toyota Century V12 Walkaround Video Showcases 90s Japanese Luxury

When it comes to flagships, Toyota has Century which is exclusively available in Japan (and in certain countries where the nameplate is exported). Usually used to transport VIPs and government officials, the Century has long been a highly regarded vehicle in the Japanese market since the 60s. And one of them is heading to the US, thanks to PacificCoastAuto who showcased this example in a guide video purchased from a Japanese auction.

What you see here is the second generation Toyota Century, which was on offer for two decades. It was introduced in 1997 and offered until 2017 when the new generation model was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show.

What makes the second generation Century special? Well, that’s what’s found under the hood of the 5.0-liter V12. It is the only Toyota model equipped with the factory V12, which is meant to compete with European flagships such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley. The engine doesn’t produce too much power; This car is intended for convenient transportation for high profile individuals.

Unfortunately, this is the last generation of the century to use a V12 engine as the third generation model uses a V8 hybrid, so anyone ordering this vehicle in the US will surely have a piece of history.

The Century V12 showcases the luxury the 90s has to offer. Tech items like heated/ventilated memory seats are standard, along with cell phones and TVs. The main seat also has a recliner where the VIP’s legs can pass through the passenger’s feet. A unique feature, in our opinion, but it is.

However, the Century V12 shown here is not in pristine condition. The paint comes with imperfections, especially in the trunk area, while the wheels also show signs of corrosion. The note also shows that the trunk cover has been replaced.

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