New Koenigsegg Model, Possibly CC12, Debuts Today: Watch The Livestream

This may come as a surprise to some, but we’ve actually seen this teaser before. Earlier this year, Koenigsegg published an image depicting the shadowy silhouette of a new mysterious model. At the time, the Swedish hypercar brand said the car had “better performance through intelligent engineering and optimized design.” Fast forward to August 19th, and the official debut is just around the corner.

The specialty brand has been tight-lipped about its new creation, so rumors should suffice for now. It is believed the car is labeled “CC12” and the result of a partnership with Carage, which is a hypercar dealer. Judging from the teaser image, the shape seems to go back to the early days of Koenigsegg with the CCR and CCX.

It is not clear whether the car will be a one-time production or there are plans for a longer production (we’ve heard 50 will be made). Whatever the case, it will be as exclusive as all the other models before it. Some say it will function as an “entry-level” model, although others claim it will cost $4 million. We know for sure it’s not the company’s fastest car. Aiming to destroy the 300-mph barrier, the Jesko Absolut has been linked with the role of the fastest road car Koenigsegg has ever built.

While the CC8S has a V8 engine (from Ford) and the new car might be called the CC12, does that mean it will have a twelve cylinder engine? We won’t always count on it as Koenigsegg remains a small company and focuses on the V8 and the new three-cylinder engine with twin turbos and a small displacement of 2.0 liters for the four-seater Gemera. Developing the V12 will require a lot of R&D effort and Sweden may not have the required bandwidth.

Of course, these are all rumors and speculation at this point, but the good thing is that we won’t have to wait any longer to get all the official details.

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