Geneva Motor Show Canceled For February, Second Show In Qatar Still On

It Comité permanent du Salon international de l’automobile de Genève The foundation has announced that the 2023 Geneva Motor Show will exclusively take place in Doha, Qatar. This means that the event that was supposed to be held in Geneva in February 2023 has been cancelled.

“Due to global economic and geopolitical uncertainty, as well as risks related to the development of the pandemic, organizers have decided to focus exclusively on planning events in Doha in 2023,” said Maurice Turettini, President of the Foundation.

As confirmed in April, the 2023 Geneva Motor Show is supposed to take place from February 14 to 19. Turettini said they had done everything they could to push the Geneva event which was supposed to come with an enhanced format. However, “the risk is greater than the opportunity,” Turettini concluded.

The 2023 Geneva International Motor Show in Qatar will make its world debut in November 2023. No exact date has yet been set, but it will take place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC). Several other decentralized venues will also be established, offering a variety of unique and spectacular driving experiences.

“We are now fully focused on hosting the GIMS in Doha and look forward to confirming the date and format of this groundbreaking event with our partners at Qatar Tourism,” added Sandro Mesquita, CEO of the Geneva International Motor Show.

The Geneva International Motor Show has been on and off again since the start of the pandemic in 2020. The announcement in 2020 was so sudden that organizers had to push through the virtual car show. The last successful GIMS happened in 2019.

In 2021, the organizers of GIMS announced the birth of the second place for the event in Doha, Qatar. This biennial event was conceptualized in partnership with Qatar Tourism.

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