DeLorean Alpha5 Makes Public Debut at Pebble Beach

We wouldn’t say there was skepticism in May when the DeLorean Alpha5 was first revealed. The rebooted company certainly caught the eye with its sleek build and massive gullwing doors, but could the DeLorean really make a comeback with an actual car at Pebble Beach in August? The answer is yes.

Issued a press release and took to social media with photos, the DeLorean Alpha5 made its public debut today at the iconic automotive event. The sizable EV coupe will also be on display Sunday at the Concept Car Lawn.

While the Alpha5 really took center stage, the DeLorean also showcased three other concepts that have caused quite a bit of controversy in the automotive world. The company created the Alpha2, Alpha3, and Alpha4 as “generation concept vehicles” to the Alpha5, presenting them as precursors in a fictional timeline in which the DeLorean never went bankrupt. DeLorean CEO Joost de Vries said the concept was created using original DeLorean automotive designs found in archives, mixed with “representations of automotive design over the last 40 years.”

The Alpha2 is a sports car that can be considered the successor to the DMC-12 in the real world. The Alpha3 is a sizeable luxury sedan, and the Alpha4 is an SUV that uses hydrogen fuel cells. DeLorean revealed the concept last month, but it’s currently unclear if there are plans to expand it beyond rendering.

As for the DeLorean which does exist in real life, the Alpha5 was co-created with Italdesign and yes, it has a fully functional (and quite large) gullwing door. It’s an all-electric affair, with the DeLorean now claiming it can hit 60 mph in 2.99 seconds and hit 155 mph flat-out. It’s a four-seater all-wheel-drive with a stated range of 300 miles using a 100-kWh battery. Details on the number or arrangement of motors are not available.

Pricing isn’t available either, but DeLorean’s original announcement said only 88 would be built, so it likely won’t be cheap. For those who somehow don’t know the iconic 80s movies Back to the future88 mph is the speed at which the original DeLorean timed.

More information on the DeLorean Alpha5 will come before its projected sales date in 2024. And for more on Pebble Beach and Monterey Car Week, see Chatting About Cars podcast, available below.

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