Bugatti Roadster Debuts In The Quail All But Confirmed In New Teaser

The Bugatti teaser train continues as the French brand prepares to debut something new for Monterey Car Week. So far we’ve seen headlights and taillights that don’t match the current Chiron derivative, and now we’re looking at a cockpit that doesn’t match anything either. Still shrouded in darkness, but it looks like a new Bugatti without a roof is just around the corner.

This strongly supports rumors that a Chiron roadster is in the works, and there’s more than a sketchy image to prove. In its teaser post on social media, Bugatti included the phrase “opening new horizons” with the clip. Between that, new video, and rumors, there’s very little doubt that Bugatti’s newest vehicle does have an open roof.

But will it be called the Chiron roadster, or something else? The bone under the skin is almost certainly Chiron, as is the case with Divo, Centodieci, and La Voiture Noire. That’s further bolstered by the second teaser in the series, which promises a “last of its kind” debut on August 19. The teaser also shows us the new X-shaped taillights, and the first teaser reveals new vertically oriented headlights unlike any other in the series. the Chiron family. Additionally, the new teaser shows different bodywork on the doors compared to the Chiron, and in fact, we can’t even be sure there’s a normal windshield in place.

Bugatti Teaser
Bugatti Teaser

All the evidence points to another Chiron-based model wearing a new body, likely coming up with a new name. It can be a convertible with a folding roof or equipped with a raised targa-style roof. Or, it could be legitimate the roadster follows the old-school definition of having no roof at all. If we follow Bugatti’s history, the Veyron Grand Sport has a folding roof so it will be the right choice for this new vehicle. However, the lack of a windshield in this short teaser video leaves room for something more radical. And with Bugatti calling this the last of its kind, radical can win the day.

We will find out the truth on Friday, August 19. Bugatti will make its debut at The Quail for Monterey Car Week, starting at 10:20 am Pacific time. will be there to record all the action, but in the meantime, you can preview all of Monterey’s action on Chatting About Cars podcast, available below.

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