Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner Blackline 2023 Specifications Kills Chrome

Black appearance packs are very popular these days. That goes for ultra-luxury vehicles as well as economy cars, as evidenced by Bentley’s Blackline Specifications. The blackout treatment is now available on the Flying Spur Mulliner, bringing a very dark appearance to the luxury sedan.

What’s changed for the Flying Spur Mulliner Blackline Specification? In short, almost every exterior item that used to be glossed over is replaced with something with a glossy black finish. Not this one absolute Turn to the dark side – the black fender vents feature a silver case and bright Mulliner branding. The iconic hood ornament is black but the wings are still shiny. The Flying Spur grille also combines black with chrome. And while special 22-inch wheels are part of the package, they feature polished inserts with black faces.

Everything else, from the lower grille and vents on the front fascia to the mirror caps, window trim, lower door trim and headlight trim, are all black. However, this treatment only applies to the exterior of the Flying Spur Mulliner. Inside, everything remains the same, which for Bentley means a bunch of leather, chrome and aluminum housed in a luxury cabin. Similarly, there are no changes to the mechanical components as this is just a display package. Specifications Flying Spur Mulliner Blackline is offered on cars with a V6 hybrid, V8, or W12 powertrain.

This isn’t the only Bentley news in progress. While the Flying Spur gets a black trim, the luxury brand will be introducing a new vehicle called the Batur for Monterey Car Week. We’ve seen plenty of teasers for the massive two-door GT car, which Bentley says will showcase the company’s future design language for its electric vehicles. Shelf won’t be electric, however. The durable W12 engine will go under the long hood of the Batur, packing twin turbochargers and a power output that should at least equal the 650 horsepower on offer in the current Bacalar.

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