Mitsubishi Minicab Swapped LS Has Four-Wheel Steering And Hope Of Death


In the beautiful world of Kei cars, the Mitsubishi Minicab is an adorable little truck with a tiny engine and lots of heart. Obviously this Mitsubishi has a very different mission in life, and while it may retain a bit of an adorable persona, it’s transformed into a V8-powered monster with a wild four-wheel steering system. And this is just the beginning.

This modded minicab is called the Stomper, for reasons that should be obvious. The tiny wheels and smaller engine are long gone, replaced here by 33-inch off-road tires and an LS V8 of an unknown size. The video doesn’t give full details about the engine, but considering that the largest stock Minicab bike is a 660 cc four-cylinder, the LS V8 is a huge upgrade. And oh yeah, there’s a couple of turbos installed to make sure the driving experience is truly spooky.

In fact, sheer power may not be the scariest part of this rig. It features a prototype four-wheel steering system that allows the rear axle to turn pretty much any way you want, and in varying degrees compared to the front wheels. As such, it can be configured to offer less corners on turns, or it can mirror the front for a really crazy donut. It can also go in opposite directions with the walking crab, and everything is easy for the driver to control.

Given all the upgrades, it’s safe to assume there’s more going on here than just an engine swap with a few steering tricks. In fact, the only remaining original Mitsubishi item is the driver’s door. Other Minicab parts were needed to repair the cab, and it used a special frame taken from the front of two Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks. Yes, that means the rear axle is really the front axle, so the ability to rotate like a boss. That also means four-wheel drive, but the trick transfer case allows only the rear or front to be driven.

Ae mentions this is just the beginning for this crazy truck. It finished just before LS in mid-July and as such, has never had a good shakedown. There are updates planned to the suspension, more engine tuning, and more finishing work, but the wild core of this crazy minitruck should stay the same.


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