Pimp My Ride Will Be Back… In England


For those of us who are car freaks, there is a TV show that describes our love for cars. One of them, good or bad, is Dress up my vehicle. Published and adapted in various countries in the mid-2000s, the iconic TV show was discontinued, with the original series in the US and its UK counterpart airing for a total of six seasons.

Now, Pimp My Ride is back on screen in the UK, thanks to a partnership between MTV and eBay, the UK’s largest online marketplace for auto parts and accessories. The six-part series will still be hosted by rapper Lady Leshurr and will air exclusively on the MTV UK YouTube channel from 19 August 2022.

Wrench Studios, a one-stop auto shop in Surrey, South East England, will handle the aftermarket restoration and transformation work. According to the release, Pimp My Ride UK “will cover everything from a restored 1966 Volkswagen Beetle to the Fast & Furious-inspired 1992 Mitsubishi GTO. Viewers will see a classic restoration completed alongside extreme modifications, featuring the trademark Pimp My Ride sound and screen system. . “

In addition, the revived TV show will highlight the environmental costs and benefits of buying used “green” parts from eBay Certified Recycling Hub. Certified Recycling Hubs offer authorized OEM parts removed from end-of-life vehicles.

To recall, the original Pimp My Ride in the US was hosted by rapper Xzibit, and ran from 2004 to 2007. Restoration and modifications were carried out by West Coast Customs, who were later replaced by Galpin Auto Sports in season 5. The first was the same shop that made Rolls. -Royce Ghost Justin Bieber looks weird.

The original Pimp My Ride TV show went on to be full of controversy, with attendees claiming parts of the show were exaggerated and faked, including their house, the dilapidated condition of the vehicle, and added parts. Some participants even claimed that some features of the finished vehicle were later removed after filming the episode.


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