Ford Mustang 2024 With V8 Engine Has Nearly 500 HP: Report


Faced with tougher emission regulations, some cars are losing steam as engineers have no other way but to tweak the engines to conform to stricter laws. A relevant example is the Ford Mustang California sold in Europe where it produces 10 hp and 30 lb-ft less than its North American equivalent. It’s the same story as the Bullitt, and even the US-spec Handlebar has lost a few horses as the 2022MY comes with 10 hp and 10 lb-ft less than the 2021MY.

The silver lining is a new report from Ford Authority claims the V8 version of the next-generation Mustang will come with extra oomph for the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter engine. The S650-gen model is said to have nearly 500 hp, which would represent a jump of nearly 30 hp compared to the current Mach 1 and a substantial 50 hp over the GT. At the time of writing, it is unknown which of the two flavors will have this output.

Another piece of the puzzle we’re currently missing is the torque number, which currently stands at 410 pound-feet (558 Newton-meters) for the GT and Mach 1. The V8 is said to be a carryover rather than an all-new engine, similar to a four-cylinder unit. The smaller 2.3 liter EcoBoost. Ford CEO Jim Farley has strongly suggested the shift stick will remain available for the Mustang by placing the hashtag #SaveTheManuals in a tweet announcing ‘The handlebar will debut on September 14th at the Detroit Auto Show.

Although the prototype seen so far has been heavily camouflaged, it is believed the exterior styling will be more evolutionary than revolutionary. More significant changes will occur in the cabin where the 2024 Mustang is set to receive a new digital instrument cluster and infotainment, along with a redesigned flat steering wheel and revamped center console.

While an all-wheel-drive system has reportedly been ruled out, the iconic sports car could get a hybrid powertrain even further. It’s believed Ford intended to sell the S650 for about eight years, with wild rumors from Auto line claims the electric Mustang will enter production in December 2028 when the ICE-powered variant will be discontinued altogether.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Mustang — expected to be a model year 2024 — will be manufactured at the same Flat Rock Assembly Plant as part of a broader $3.7 billion investment into U.S. production, including the next-generation Ranger at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne. . .


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