Singer Ends Production of Classic Porsche 911


If there was a company that could perfectly restore the classic Porsche 964, Singer Vehicle Design would be the top pick. Unfortunately, you can’t order it anymore – or at least not the tastefully reimagined Porsche 911 Classic beauty we’ve been dreaming of for more than a decade.

In an interview with upper teeth, SVD chief honcho Rob Dickinson has confirmed that they have stopped taking orders for the Porsche 911 Classic. It’s been 12 years since Singer started making it, but this doesn’t mean goodbye for the Los Angeles-based company. In fact, the company is moving on to bigger projects.

According to Dickinson, they limited production to just 450 units. That number wasn’t planned when he started the company more than a decade ago and as he points out, it wasn’t because there was a shortage of the needed Porsche 964 either. re-imagining.

“There are tens of thousands of 964s! And there are a lot of obsolete ones that we don’t think are too bad to reimagine,” said Dickinson upper teeth.

Ex Round window the vocalist and guitarist indicated that the production restrictions of the Classic Porsche 911 would maintain the value they created.

“We’re just trying to respect the people who buy the cars. We want to retain the value of the cars if they change hands after that of course, which I think has more to do with Singer’s perception of being a ‘brand’ over car quality,” said Dickinson at upper teeth Interview.

After the Classic Porsche 911, Singer went on to build the Singer Turbo. For the record, the Singer 911s are all powered by a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter boxer engine – originally reworked by Cosworth but later supplied by Porsche according to Singer’s specifications.

It’s unclear whether the turbocharged version will still be supplied by Porsche but one thing is for sure – the fine-tuning process of the Singer Turbo Study is about to begin.


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