Ram TRX Warlord 6×6 Spectacularly Failed Leap Attempt


Just over a year ago, Apocalypse Manufacturing released the Warlord – the Ram TRX with an extra rear axle and a sticker price of $250,000. It’s a truck monster, and the company has published a video to show what Warlords can do on the ground.

People from Triple F . Collection get the Apocalypse Warlord 6×6, custom-made in a sweet green theme with the “War” emblem in front of the grid that looks like a game on the Ram logo. That’s good and good (honestly, it’s a handsome six-wheeler) until YouTubers want to do some crazy stunts on hefty machines – they make trucks jump off dirt roads, or at least they try.

This isn’t the first Ram TRX jump attempt we’ve seen, but previous attempts were made using the lighter four wheel version.

To be fair, the big 6×6 truck was able to catch the air once it gained momentum. It looks like it will complete the jump but as the title above indicates, it fails spectacularly. The waiting time came a bit too short, which saw the Warlord violently crash into the receiver’s path. Luckily, no one was seriously injured after the stunt flop, except maybe a few bruised egos.

Putting aside, the truck suffered major damage, especially to the frame. The steering mechanism was completely damaged as the wheels were pointed in different directions after the ordeal.

In another video uploaded by YouTuberThe shop that will be working on the Warlord, Evans Automotive, says that the front crossbar member holds the frame, which gets condensed and the radiator together, while completely ripping off the front left side of the axle.

Repair work is estimated to cost more than $20,000, including various engine parts and suspension components, along with various frame and body work.

There is only one problem. At the time of the damage assessment, Ram had not yet shipped any Ram TRX parts to its warehouse, meaning the required replacement parts were not yet available. We’re not sure if the 6×6 truck has been fixed at the time of this writing but if it is, we’re sure the YouTuber won’t be trying the same expensive stunt again.


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