British Motor Show Will Try And Set Three Weird Guinness World Records


The British Motor Show 2022 kicks off on August 18, but this will not be a typical automotive event. In addition to the many new vehicles on display, there is a dedicated area for supercars, classic cars, electric cars, and for those looking for automotive action, there is an outdoor arena. That’s where the show will try not one, or two, but three Guinness World Records. And they are not very famous.

Well, one note may have several advantages. Parallel parking is a source of pure frustration for some, while others enjoy the challenge fits like a glove. This is where the outdoor arena comes in, as stunt racer Paul Swift will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel park. Actually, the specific record is “tightest parallel parking with an electric car”, so it turns out there’s also a fuelie? After all, the record is 20 centimeters or 7.8 inches. Like a gloveof course.

That’s not the only record Swift will take, and the second is definitely more obscure. How many donuts can you make in the car in one minute? Now, add a motorcycle doing a wheelie and you have a challenge: most of the donuts in the car around the motorcycle do a wheelie. Six is ​​the number to beat, which means yes, someone has done this before. Swift will try to break the Ford Mustang driving record, which can complicate matters since we know how Mustangs like to hit people.

The final record was one where everyone on the show had a chance to participate. It doesn’t involve any driving action, just a camera and internet connection. Event organizers hope to break the record for the most photos uploaded by people in the same car to Facebook in an hour. Once again, the Ford Mustang will be involved, albeit with it stationary, this is hoping not to go hungry. No benchmark was mentioned for this particular note, so it might be fairly obscure to be brand new.

The British Motor Show 2022 takes place from 18 – 21 August at Farnborough.


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