Best Rendering For The Week Of July 25


Every week we publish many renderings. While some of them see actual new models coming in the next few months, others are mostly done for fun. They envision super-futuristic creations that likely won’t hit the production line any time soon, if ever at all.

Here at, we all love virtual images and that’s why we thought we’d share one additional rendering article each week. It combines the best design exercises created by our own artists, as well as images provided by independent automotive designers, students and just regular gearheads.

We will update this article with new renderings from last week every Thursday. That way, you’ll have all the cool digital interpretations that come in handy when you want a glimpse into the future.

The new Civic Type R can be described as an evolution of the previous generation. Unfortunately, there’s no two-door version on the horizon, although this rendering does envision one – and we have to admit it looks good.

Renderings of Honda Civic Type R Coupe 2023

The 5 Series remains one of the models that can be considered traditional for the Bavarian company. The next generation will stay true to tried and tested recipes with conservative yet stylish designs.

2024 BMW 5 Series rendering

The fifth-generation Audi A3 is slated to arrive somewhere around 2026 or 2027. This is the time when the German manufacturer will stop rolling out combustion-powered models, meaning the new A3 will be fully electric.

Renders of Audi A3 E-Tron

The Purosangue is set to be the most versatile and practical Ferrari ever. Four doors, four (or five) seats, and twelve cylinders under the hood. The dream formula is previewed in this rendering.

Renderings of Ferrari Purosangue 2023


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