1988 Mercedes 310 Auto Trail Camper Has Low Mileage, Reasonable Price


If you’ve been to Europe, you’ve probably seen the Mercedes-Benz TN/T1N, also unofficially known as the Bremer Transporter. It was a series of vans and trucks, which are still considered the most reliable and indestructible Mercedes commercial vehicles in history. A solid LCV is always a good choice for a camper, right? Then what better camper base than the TN/T1N version, skillfully converted into a well-equipped wheelhouse?

The camper you see in the gallery below was first registered for use in 1988 when a company called Auto Trail bought it and started turning it into a camper. Still in business today, the company is run by Bill Boasman and Barry Holmes and founded in 1982. It is currently sold by Handhwho acquired it in April last year from the previous owner, who had owned it since he was only a few years old.

This camper is best for those who want to experience an old school trip as it is well equipped with some features that cannot be found in modern RVs anymore. These include, for example, a VHS video player and a naturally aspirated 2.3-liter gasoline engine. The gas factory-equipped Mercedes 310 is a rare sight, but the seller explains that this ensures a bit more power available compared to the frugal four- and five-cylinder diesels typically found under the hood of vans from the TN/T1N series.

Recently, the camper underwent a partial restoration, including wheel repair with five new tires installed, brake repairs, a rebuilt fuel system with a cut-out solenoid installed adjacent to the gas tank, and replacement of the gas tank filler valve, carburetor overhaul. , and others. New roof lights have also been installed.

The vehicle currently shows 30,270 miles on the odometer and the seller says this is “believed to be genuine.” With only two previous owners, the Mercedes 310 camper is in excellent condition and comes with lots of invoices and receipts for the last job. The seller indicated that the toilet cassette needed to be replaced and the water tank needed to be sterilized before use. The estimated price of the camper is between £10,000 and £12,000, which translates to $12,100-$14,532.


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