Cadillac XT6 Best Upper Midsize Luxury SUV In 2022 Initial Quality Study


The Cadillac XT6 is recognized as the best-in-class Premium Mid-range SUV, according to results compiled in the 2022 JD Power Preliminary Quality Study.

The JD Power Preliminary Quality Study examined initial vehicle quality based on owner satisfaction across nine focus areas: infotainment, features, controls and displays, exterior, driving assistance, interior, powertrain, seats, driving experience and climate. Participants are surveyed at an early stage of ownership, after which the results are calculated and each vehicle is assigned a Problem Per 100 (PP100) score, with lower scores indicating higher quality vehicles, and higher scores indicating vehicles having more problems.

Cadillac XT6 owners indicated they didn’t have much of a problem with their luxury crossover in the early stages of ownership, meaning that the XT6 scored low on the PP100 scale. It outperformed the BMW X6 and BMW X5, which scored second and third respectively, meaning that Cadillac’s biggest crossover outperformed its two main rivals in its competitive segment.

Overall, Cadillac performed well in this year’s study. The luxury brand scored third in the Premium segment, with a total of 163 issues per 100 reported vehicles. This score is also good enough to place Cadillac in eighth overall of the 33 car brands surveyed. This is a sizeable improvement over Cadillac’s previous performance in the study, where it was ranked 22and whole. It should be noted that Buick, a cousin of the Cadillac company under the General Motors umbrella, was recognized as the brand with the best score of 139 PP100.

Quality Study Earlier this year yielded the worst results ever measured in its 36-year history. The average is 180 problems per 100 vehicles, a result of continued supply shortages across the entire automotive industry. Compared to the results in 2021, the automotive industry experienced an increase of 11 percent in PP100.

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