Mini Aceman Concept EV Debuts With New Design Language


The Mini Concept Aceman is an electric crossover that showcases how the brand envisions its future models. A production version of this EV would come later to fill the space between the Cooper and Countryman in the lineup.

Mini doesn’t offer any mechanical details about the Aceman. Instead, the company remains focused on vehicle design and technology. The vehicle has a unique Icy Sunglow Green coloration, which has a blue tinge to these images. The roof is British Racing Green metallic.

Aceman is the first expression of the new Mini Charismatic Simplicity design language. The goal of this new look is to combine minimalism and sustainability. At its most basic level, this crossover has the classic two-box shape. The wheels are at extreme angles to minimize the length of the front and rear overhangs.

To put the Aceman’s size into perspective, this electric crossover measures 159.4 inches (4.05 meters) long and 78.35 inches (1.99 meters) wide. In comparison, the current Mini Countryman measures 169.7 inches (4.31 meters) long and 78.8 inches (2 meters) wide in its side mirrors.

Up front, the Aceman has an evolution of the current Mini look. Since this is an EV, there is no need for a large grille to cool the engine. In contrast, the top area has LED lighting that can indicate the Union Jack design. Green accents decorate this area.

While the existing Mini models have round headlights, the Aceman has a more angular look here. The running light surrounds the lamp, and there are LEDs on the inside.

Thick body cladding surrounds the wheel holes and underbody. A bronze Union-Jack shaped roof rack is attached to the top of the vehicle.

The Aceman rides on 20-inch wheels. Five spokes bend inward, creating a captivating visual effect.

At the rear, a black spoiler hangs over the rear window. There’s a hatchback with subtle styling, and the taillights have a Union Jack look like the headlights.

Mini Concept Aceman
Mini Concept Aceman
Mini Concept Aceman

The bright yet minimalist look extends to the cabin. Taking notes from the original Mini, the circular display in the center of the dashboard handles the instrument. For modernity, it also doubles as an infotainment screen. The array of switches below the monitor includes a parking brake switch, gear selector, select driving mode, and adjust audio volume.

To expand the display of information beyond the screen, the projector can place control system content on a dashboard, such as displaying a map. Or, it can be an aesthetic element by placing an image of a cloud or lettering there.

The Aceman has no leather in his cabin. The surface is knitted, recycled textiles, and the steering wheel has a green velor cover.

When someone walks into the Aceman, exterior lights track them and the vehicle plays a sound depending on the person’s distance from the car. The headlights even flash. When someone opened the door, light projected onto the ground.

The Aceman concept will make its public debut at the Gamescom video game convention in Cologne, Germany, which will kick off on August 23.


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