Official AMG Office Chairs Will Help You Enlarge Meetings


Car lovers crave the Mercedes-AMG brand. The three-letter badge has graced countless icons, and it’s a badge you can have in your home office in the form of the AMG Office Chair.

Zoom in on meetings Endless zoom in sporty comfort. This chair features a high backrest with integrated headrests, prominent side bolsters and seat extensions. The seats even have holes for the three-point harness and the coveted AMG badge.

They all weigh 39 kilograms (85 pounds) and cost €3,500 ($3,514 at today’s exchange rates). The website lets you book up to 100 if you need multiple seats. Prices include VAT and shipping, which is good.

Everything about the AMG Office Chair seems pretty standard. It comes with a black powder-coated steel base, chrome casters, and height adjustment. The sitter can adjust the backrest, just like the original, but only has a manual control lever. This chair also features an adjustable padded armrest that can rotate 30 degrees inward.

The original AMG Performance seats come direct from the vehicle manufacturer and feature the same high-quality Artico and Dinamica upholstery. AMG completes the seat design by adding red decorative stitching and stripes, all of which add a sporty feel to the seat.

With more people working from home, the AMG-badged office chair is probably the closest thing to a car during the week. Mercedes-AMG has lent its name to other products in the past, such as titanium and carbon fiber watches designed with IWC in mind. McLaren, Bugatti, and other automakers are also venturing into watches.

Automakers have ventured beyond cars many times before, especially brands with solid name recognition. In 2017, Ferrari introduced a pair of office chairs priced at £8,500. AMG office chairs are more affordable but still on the expensive side of office chairs.


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