Cadillac Lyriq Roof Rack Incoming As Vehicle Features Clamp Points


The Cadillac Lyriq 2023 is the first pure electric vehicle from the luxury marque, featuring tasteful styling, luxurious interiors and cutting-edge electric propulsion technology. While it befits the “luxury vehicle” title, the Lyriq is a crossover at its core, so it’s certainly interesting (and perhaps a little odd) because it doesn’t come equipped with a roof rail on which a roof rack can be attached. However, the good news is that a roof rack will be offered for the Cadillac Lyriq 2023.

During a recent interview with Cadillac Society Executive Editor, Alex Luft, Lyriq product manager, Steve Mertes, explained that Cadillac will offer roof racks for Lyriq. Mertes explained that Cadillac will offer a slat roof rack that will clamp the roof door frame with a C-clamp-style mounting mechanism. In addition, the roof rack offered by Cadillac will be locked and stamped by Cadillac.

During our first trip with the Cadillac Lyriq 2023, Cadillac Society note the clamping point inside the top door frame where the bars will be installed. Lyriq owners can then use the crossbars as they would any other roof storage system.

Cadillac hasn’t revealed availability or pricing for the Lyriq roof rack as of this writing, but Mertes says that the bars that will be offered will be lockable and stampable by Cadillac.

The Cadillac Lyriq Debut Edition 2023 as well as the RWD Cadillac Lyriq Luxury 2023 trim level will be driven by a single Ultium motor mounted on the rear axle. That setup makes 340 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque, providing plenty of thrust. The all-wheel-drive model will arrive in late 2023 or early 2024 which will add a second motor on the front axle, increasing output to over 500 horsepower.

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