The Hummer H1 Overlanding RV Has All the Comforts of a Home Creature


There is no shortage of new, ready-to-use campers, travel trailers, and motorhomes available today. But the new Wolf Rigs Patton shows that not everything has to be all-new when it comes to building the best RVs out there. The company has turned the classic Hummer H1 into a monstrous overland vehicle that can fit a queen bed, spacious shower, and more.

This overlanding vehicle has an aluminum frame and shell. The rear of the rig opens to reveal a large storage area that houses various vehicle accessories. Ladders, large spare tires, propane tanks and more are accessible from the rear. The Hummer has 16 inches of ground clearance and has a new drivetrain.

The camper has many of the conveniences you’d expect to find in the latest RV builds. The bathroom is located at the back of the rig and is also home to the company’s patented hideaway toilet. It can disappear into the wall, creating more standing space in a residential-sized bathroom, which is surprisingly large.

Wolf Rigs place the bed at the front of the vehicle, sitting on top of the front seat of the Hummer. There is ample headroom for passengers, ceiling lighting, skylights, windows in the attic, and a queen bed that can comfortably accommodate two. The RV design transforms the RV into three levels, with cabins, bedrooms and living quarters on different levels.

The RV has an L-shaped lounge area at the front and ample counter space on both sides of the vehicle. One side features a two-burner stove top while the other houses a sink. It looks like this rig has a sliding fridge and freezer combination. There is storage under the counter and shelves on either side of the bathroom.

Wolf Rigs Patton demonstrates the types of overlanding vehicles the company can build. The Hummer H1 is an automotive icon and more than suited for ground work. Known for his go-anywhere attitude, and now you can bring the family for a weekend getaway.


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