Prodrive Racing Simulator Comes With PC And Assetto Corsa Installed, Costs $46,000


If you’re in the market for one of the best plug-and-play racing simulators on sale today, Prodrive has you covered. This completely custom racing simulator has all the touch points of a real racing car without any risk. Sculpted by design house CALLUM, Prodrive’s new simulator is a functional work of art that provides users with the ultimate racing simulator experience.

Prodrive is a legendary motorsport name that has found success in building some of the best rally cars on the planet. Prodrive is responsible for building the legendary Subaru Rally car that Collin McRae drove to victory in 1995. Outside of rallying, Prodrive has found success building circuit racers such as British Touring cars and GT cars that compete in endurance racing. Prodrive has won the GT class at the 24 Hours of Lemans with Ferrari and Aston Martin. Overall, cars made by Prodrive have competed in more than 1200 events, winning over 300 of them and finishing on the podium nearly 500 times.

This impressive racing pedigree means that the Prodrive team understands what it takes to succeed in the brutal world of motorsports. This experience led them to create racing simulators designed to create racing champions and provide users with an experience that is closest to the real thing.

This beautifully designed racing simulator features a carbon fiber tub that floats in a canopy of 16 layers of birch wood. The striking design houses a powerhouse of electronic capabilities. According to Prodrive, “Featuring a custom-built system with a 12GB GeForce RTX graphics card and 16GB of memory at its heart, smooth graphics are rendered across the curved 49” high refresh rate display. The Precision SIM steering wheel coupled with the Simcube steering motor allows for precise driving input, and the mechanical pedal box has been deliberately selected to complete the realistic experience.”

If you’re unsure about buying a racing simulator that’s worth more than most cars, Prodrive will let customers who have registered an interest test their demo rig on site. This is a great opportunity to see if the racing simulator lives up to expectations, and maybe you’ll see some race-winning cars while you’re there.


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