BMW 3.0 CSL spied on looks glued to the Tarmac Nurburgring

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CSL models are few and far between, but BMW has launched one this year and will launch even more special cars before the end of 2022. The M4 CSL will be taken to a new level with the 3.0 CSL serving as a modern tribute to the CSL model. the original E9 model from 1972. This is not what a dedicated M car enthusiast for the 50 M . division would expectth anniversary, but it’s an arguably more attractive model than the XM plug-in hybrid SUV.

The hardcore coupe has been spotted at the Nürburgring completely enclosed in a colorful wrapper that shows various M roads and race cars. Although the livery looks like it was tampered with, the sticker was added by BMW. Here’s what they all said: “so epic,” “6MT FTW,” “drift happens,” “I like it rare,” “I don’t care,” “too strong,” and “are you brave enough.”

Reading between the lines, these messages line up with what we’ve heard about the 3.0 CSL: manual gearbox (“6MT FTW”), rear-wheel drive (“there’s drifting,” “I don’t care”), and over 550 hp (” too strong”) available on M4 CSL. “I like it rare” refers to the fact that only 50 cars are supposed to be made, while “are you brave enough” likely refers to a bespoke design. Overall, BMW promises the meanest M4 of all will be “very epic.”

The car appears to be sliding low to the ground with centerlock wheels with contrasting red brake calipers lurking from behind. Remember the wild rear wing of the 1970s Batmobile? It will have a correspondence on the new 3.0 CSL, only this time it will be legal to install on cars from the factory. Fun fact – BMW shipped the E9 3.0 CSL with the rear wing in the trunk.

The redesigned headlights and taillights peek through the colorful camouflage, but it’s the new kidney grille that catches our eye. Dare we say it’s much better executed here than on any other M4 currently available, and hopefully, we’ll see more of it in the future. Those circular air intakes are reminiscent of the E46 CSL, though the M3 only has one. Oddly enough, the roof-mounted spoiler we saw on a different prototype a while back was missing in action.

Expect the 3.0 CSL to be a two-seat affair with an interior that will likely have the iDrive setup now as seen on the M4 CSL. From the looks of it, the new top-range M4 won’t look as spectacular as the 3.0 CSL Hommage and Hommage R concepts from 2015.

Then there’s the issue of the rumored price tag of €750,000, which is a tough pill to swallow considering the base M4 is almost nine times cheaper in Germany. Will 3.0 CSL be nine times better? Maybe not, but because of its exclusivity, BMW can charge whatever it wants and it will still sell all the cars in no time.

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