Elvis Presley’s 1974 Cadillac Wagon Found For Sale On Craigslist: Video

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It’s no secret that Elvis Presley is a fan of Cadillac, having bought and given away as many as 200 vehicles made by the luxury brand in his lifetime. Recently, a fan found a Cadillac wagon belonging to King of Rock ‘n’ Roll after it was sold on Craigslist.

This discovery was documented by the YouTube channel Barcroft Cars, who interviews Brian, the new owner of Elvis’ Cadillac train. Brian is the owner of the Volo Museum in Illinois, and he found the car by accident, as it is listed as a 1974 Cadillac train, with only a cursory reference to its history at the bottom of the list. The seller is a car collector and is the owner of both vehicles, after Elvis.

Luckily, the seller had the documentation to confirm the previous owner of the Cadillac wagon as Elvis himself. The singer’s name and signature are on the documents, along with evidence that she had purchased the exact same vehicle from Madison Cadillac Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee, on September 26.th, 1974, where it was later registered. There is also photographic evidence of vehicles parked outside the famous Elvis house at 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd. in Memphis, where he lived at the time of purchase.

“You’re sitting here touching the steering wheel he’s touching, sitting in the chair he’s sitting in,” Brian said. “Amazing. It’s part of Americana and just part of a great history… I just really wish this car could speak and tell me [its] story.”

Brian notes that when he told people that Elvis had this Cadillac wagon, he couldn’t believe it. For that, he brought a copy of the original invoice to prove it.

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