New Jeep Electric Crossover Spy Shots Show A Glimpse Of The Future Of The Brand


This Jeep starred in the Stellantis “Dare Forward 2030” presentation earlier this year. It was the only car that slipped out during the press conference that saw Carlos Tavares describe what the company’s future might look like. This is an electric car that will see every Stellantis brand participate, including Jeep.

It’s a Jeep that’s in the new batch of spy shots. They showed off the crossover without camouflage, revealing what’s known as the “Baby Renegade.”

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While we call it “Baby Renegade,” it doesn’t seem to be that close. This crossover receives a unique styling, leaving the Renegade box for a more refined rear styling similar to that of the Compass. However, the Jeep’s signature features are all there, from the iconic grille to the new styling. But instead of seven slots, the grille features seven closed rings because the new Jeep is an EV.

This will be the first all-electric Jeep to be custom-built. There has been no official confirmation, but this new Jeep will use PSA Group’s e-CMP platform. The new Jeep will lead to similar models in Alfa Romeo and Fiat. Stellantis will build all three at the Polish factory in Tychy.

This is a real revolution for Jeep and will help the brand expand into more market segments with the new powertrain. The Evs will replace classic gas-powered cars across the Jeep lineup, including the Wrangler.


Of course, the photos don’t make it easy to estimate the exact size of the new Jeep SUV. Its length is estimated to be around 4.10 to 4.15 meters (161.4 to 163.3 inches). It’s smaller than the Renegade at 4.23 meters (166.6 inches long) and will help avoid one of them deprecating the other.

New Jeeps have to be affordable. It is possible that Jeep will offer a new model with a pure petrol engine or a hybrid setup. However, this is speculation, and we will have to wait for the official presentation for a definitive answer.

The Jeep’s electric powertrain should be the same as that found in the 2008 Peugeot, DS 3 Crossback, and Opel Mokka. It will be a 100-kilowatt (136-horsepower) electric motor with a 50-kilowatt-hour battery pack allowing a range of over 300 kilometers (482 miles).

When will it arrive?

The new Jeep could go on sale as soon as the first half of 2023 or as late as 2022. The automaker could reveal it before the end of this year, which will set the stage for Jeep to launch two more battery-powered models by 2025.


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