Skoda Vision 7S Concept Teased With Child Seat Built Into Center Console


In case you missed the memo, Skoda is working on a new design language that will likely debut on production models in 2023 with the next generation Superb flagship. As a taste of things to come, the Vision 7S concept will be unveiled in the coming weeks or months to signify the Czech brand’s new visual identity. Prior to its debut, the electric showcar introduced its six-seater interior, plus a child seat integrated into the center console.

Presumably riding on a dedicated electric platform, the Vision 7S had to have a completely flat floor to allow Skoda engineers to mount the extra-long center console. The 2+2+2 layout isn’t something we’ve seen before, but the built-in child seat is a new example of the Simply Clever idea. Skoda says the safest place in the vehicle is where the toddler sits, but without elaborating on how big of a seat the center console can fit.

Beyond that seventh seat, the Skoda Vision 7S has a giant glass roof with an Enyaq-like dashboard as we see a small digital instrument cluster coupled with a tablet-like touchscreen grafted onto the dashboard. The large screen tilts depending on whether autonomous driving mode is activated or not, remains in vertical mode when the car is manually steered and switches to a horizontal layout while the vehicle does all the work.

The body-hugging seats have built-in orange seat belts while the front backrests have integrated backrests. In addition, Skoda has installed mounts for smartphones and tablets to keep the rear entertainment system in place. The large screen hasn’t swallowed up all the controls yet as the console between the front seats incorporates a few physical buttons along with a rotary knob for climate settings.

We’re told the door cards and steering wheel from what the original teaser image shows will be the SUV’s feature haptic controls. Being a concept car, it should come as no surprise that Skoda has used sustainable materials to show that going green is more than just pumping EVs. It’s not clear if the Vision 7S will turn into a production model, but this Vision concept usually does. Riding on a bespoke electric platform with a long wheelbase and short overhangs, it can be roughly the size of the Karoq while offering the Kodiaq’s level of interior space.

Skoda has announced three electric vehicles will be out by the end of the decade and all of them will be smaller and more affordable than the Enyaq.


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