Slammed Subaru BRZ Takes Love For Japanese Car Culture To Extremes


How much would you love a certain car culture? For Aquilla, she would go to extremes. Armed with Irezumi In his arms, the resident of Honolulu, Hawaii is quite fascinated by Japanese car culture. So much so that the Subaru BRZ it slams embodies not one but three subcultures – and as controversial as it sounds.

Spending over a thousand aftermarket hours, the BRZ Aquilla is definitely not for everyone, and that’s fine.

Sitting just an inch off the ground, this BRZ represents Shokatan subculture, which means descending as low as possible to the ground. He also uses tires that are stretched so that the profile of the rubber is really thin. In combination with the fixed suspension, the Aquilla said the ride was really bumpy, and we weren’t surprised.

Another subculture that Aquilla touched on was Onikyan, which means ‘chamber of the devil’. In fact, the Subaru has so much negative camber, it practically runs down the sidewall of the tires. The front wheels measure 18×12 inches while the rear is slightly wider at 18×13. The front camber is set at -50 while the rear is at -63. Because of this, the slamming BRZ steering wheel only makes a 180-degree turn, making U-turns impossible.

Do you see the crazy exhaust pipe on the back of the BRZ Aquilla? They represent bosozuku subculture. It’s quite rampant among the various types of cars in Japan, such as vans, sedans, and even Kei car, but seeing it in the slam of a coupe is quite interesting.

Aquilla knew enough about the public’s perception of her car, but she didn’t really care. Some people love it, while some – and understandably – hate it. We told each his own and we commended him for doing what he wanted instead of listening to what other people had to say.

How about you? What do you think about this crazy car build? Crazy or just cool? Let us know what you think below.


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