Driver Wants To Monitor Technology In Car With Automated System: Learn


Like it or not, the automotive industry continues to push technology toward self-driving vehicles. At this point, it’s hard to say whether fully autonomous vehicles will rule the world in this century – there are hundreds of important questions that need to be answered first – but the path seems clear that automakers will not stop working on the technology. . But are consumers ready to embrace driverless cars?

Judging by the many surveys we’ve seen and the many comments from our readers, the short answer is no. A new study, conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, even shows consumers want proper protection on vehicles equipped with partial automation. In general, consumer interest in this technology is strong but drivers prefer systems that require them to remain engaged in driving and in charge of the vehicle.

“Automakers often assume that drivers want as much technology as they can get in their vehicles, but few studies have examined actual consumer opinions about partial driving automation,” explains Alexandra Mueller, lead designer of the survey. IIHS asked more than 1,000 drivers from the United States to seek feedback on three partial automated systems – lace centering, automatic lane change, and driver monitoring.

The survey results reveal more drivers will prefer the direct version of the safety features equipped with their vehicles. For example, some lane centering and lane changing systems do not require input from the driver but these systems generally lack support in surveys. IIHS also said drivers generally prefer driver-initiated systems over vehicle-initiated semi-self-driving technology.

The majority of drivers also said they would feel more comfortable if there was a driver monitoring system in it. This includes, for example, sensors on the steering wheel and a camera pointed at the driver’s face that tracks the direction they are looking at. In general, more than half of consumers surveyed said they would at least consider buying a vehicle with some sort of semi-automatic function.


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