Old Ferrari Paint, Coating Sample Sold for $16,900 At Auction

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The classic Ferrari car is one of the most valuable nameplates in the world, which makes it a top choice for collectors and die-hard fans alike. As they say, it’s hard to beat Italian classics.

A number of old Ferrari cars have sold for millions at auction in recent years. However, not everyone is willing to spend seven figures on an Italian car, or even eight like a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO for $38 million. It’s okay to spend a lot of money on decommissioned dealer materials, such as samples of old paint and coatings sold at Bring Trailer for $16,900.

Items for sale in Bat including samples of Ferrari paint, leather, fabric and carpet, which it claims are for cars made between the 60s and 90s. The paint color sample booklet is complemented by the factory paint colors of Ferrari and the corresponding name written on the back. The three leather sample books come in a variety of types and styles, while the carpet sample book features swatches of the available types and colors. The Scaglietti paint sample booklet and Connolly leather booklet both date back to the ’60s.

Also included in the sale is an AE Lorioli Milano enamel key fob in its original packaging, as well as a brass dealer badge marked “Chinetti International Motors, Greenwich, Connecticut.” That said, it’s safe to assume that these ingredients come from the mentioned dealer, who has moved to a new location.

For the record, Luigi Chinetti was Enzo Ferrari’s first factory dealer in the US and the first Ferrari dealer across the giant pond.

This isn’t the first non-car Ferrari group of goods to prove valuable. Just last year, the original Ferrari F40 tool kit was put up for auction and has met the hammer at £8,500 or about $10,000 after 31 bids.


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