Cadillac Celestiq Teased One More Time Before July 22 Reveal

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The reveal of the highly-anticipated Cadillac Celestiq show car is just a week away, and today, the luxury brand is offering one final series of teaser images before the full unveiling takes place.

The first image is the front, but viewed from the side. This image shows a very slow-slung front panel, seven-spoke wheels, and vertical headlights and signature light. This image also gives us a glimpse of the front “grill”, which appears to have an LED display similar to that found on the Lyriq.

Perhaps the most interesting image from the final group teaser is the reveal of the sleek, sleek back of the Celestiq. It features the luxury brand’s new signature vertical LED taillights, which are reminiscent of the taillight design on the Cadillac Lyriq. In addition, the teaser gives an idea of ​​the size of the vehicle, giving us an idea of ​​its low profile and beautiful exterior design.

Another teaser image takes viewers inside a large electric sedan, giving it a new look with red leather seats and a modern retro design. The display attached to the back of the front seats is visible, as is the screen between the rear seats which seems to function as a control panel for cabin temperature and other comfort features. The seat adjustment knob is affixed to the door panel, as on the Lyriq, and the panel itself has a backlight that looks similar to that of the Lyriq.

The final teaser shows a huge rear cargo bay featuring polished aluminum cargo rails.

The upcoming Cadillac Celestiq will be the first vehicle ever built at the GM Global Technical Center, where it will be assembled by hand. It will also be Cadillac’s most customizable one, as the buyer will have complete control over its build down to the smallest detail. If they wanted an interior trim made from a very specific tree, the luxury marque would make it happen. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Celestiq is expected to start at $300,000 – and will only be marketed in “prosperous” areas.

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