Top Gear Dissects BMW M5 CSL And M6 CSL That Never Happened

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2022 marks 50th M anniversary and apart from launching a variety of exciting products, BMW’s go-faster division is also going back in time. In recent weeks, the Bavarians refreshed our memories of how they once built the M3 CSL E46 with a stripped-down V8 and M2 CSL F87 engine. Additionally, there are two larger Sport Lightweight Coupe models, the M5 CSL E60 and the M6 ​​CSL E63. Yeah, the M5 isn’t a coupe, but you get it.

upper teeth magazine spent some quality time with the M5 and M6 duo with its naturally aspirated V10 engine. In the case of the sedan, BMW M engineers changed the displacement from the standard 5.0 liter to 5.4 liter to produce about 540 horsepower. You can tell this is no ordinary E60 by looking at the license plate mount as it has a mesh pattern to cool the larger engine.

Secrets of the BMW M CSL Prototype - BMW M5 CSL PROTOTYP E60 V10
Secret BMW M CSL Prototype - BMW M6 CSL PROTOTYP E63 V10

Few will remember, but BMW actually demonstrated the M5 CSL in October 2009 as part of M’s 25 divisionth-birthday celebration. At the time, Germany explained how they gave the car a bigger air box and secondary oil cooler, not to mention carbon fiber manifolds and a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission instead of the dreaded SMG.

There are conflicting reports about displacement and power as some say it is a 5.5 liter unit that produces 580 hp. To earn the CSL moniker even though it’s a sedan, the M5 CSL is down 50 kilograms (110 pounds) from the standard car. The extra oomph and lower curb weight help the super sedan pass the Nürburgring in under eight minutes.

The M6 ​​CSL is just as special, featuring the original iDrive and two buttons on the bottom center console to trigger active aero. The highly controversial “Bangle Butt” incorporates an electrically adjustable spoiler while the lower part of the front contains a cover for better aero. BMW has also made the side mirrors slightly smaller for better airflow.

Being a CSL, this one too has definitely lost a lot of weight judging by its simplified door card with awkwardly positioned switches for windows and electric mirrors. Clad in Alcantara, the simplified center console also hints at the Draconian M6 CSL diet.

The CSL badge finally returned on production models earlier this year with the M4 CSL, but the best is yet to come. The modern CSL 3.0 will be out in late 2022 as a more powerful M4 CSL with a manual gearbox and retro styling.


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