GM Designer Envisions a Cool Interior That Could Be Great for a Camaro

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The official Instagram account for the General Motors Design studio is full of fantastic artwork. Some of them are rather abstract, while other posts show detailed vehicle exteriors and interiors. This time, we have a sketch of the interior of a Chevrolet that is quite charming. And while nothing is official about his car, we can’t help but think this could be the next-generation Camaro.

The manual transmission lever on the center console is the prize. The C8 Chevrolet Corvette offers no such option, and nothing else in the Chevy lineup will welcome a three-pedal setup, either by platform or by the person buying it. Can that describe the Corvette of the future? It is very unlikely, as this interior lacks the protruding central spine that is prevalent in the C8 greenhouse. And it makes sense to see some Corvette influences in the next-gen Camaro, especially with the digital dash and two-spoke steering wheel.

Other than that, the center console with triangular armrests and cupholders on the passenger side is almost identical to the current Camaro. The narrow windows fit the passage well too, and if you look closely through the windshield, it’s an electric bulge in the hood. So yes, this could be a greenhouse for the next-generation Camaro, which would be even more exciting if Chevrolet built it. Unfortunately, that’s also highly unlikely.

To be clear, the Camaro isn’t officially dead yet. Every question we’ve asked Chevrolet about the future of the Camaro has returned unconvincing, although there’s no indication that a seventh-generation model is in development. The planned Z/28 was canceled in 2019, and except for a slight rebound through the first half of 2022, sales of the Camaro have been in decline for years.

Currently, rumors point to 2024 as the end of the Chevrolet pony lineup. That coincides with the planned sixth-generation lifecycle, but before it stops, we can get our hands on some sort of special edition honoring Ford Mustang’s longtime rival. We suspect 2023 will see some tears welling up in the Chevrolet camp.

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