Honda Civic Type R 2023 Will Be Revealed On July 20

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It’s been a long time coming. Our first glimpse of the next-generation Honda Civic Type R in prototype form was a year ago. Honda’s official teaser campaign has been running for a full six months, and today we’ve again teaser for the long-awaited hot hatch. However, this teaser is different. This one tells us when the teaser train ends. Save the date for July 20, 10:00 p.m. EDT / 7 p.m. PDT.

That’s when Honda will finally, officially, remove the camouflage and launch its new Civic Type R to the world. History buffs will recognize July 20 as the date Apollo 11 landed on the moon; 2022 marks the 53rd anniversary of the event and we don’t know if Honda has anything to do with the moon. The debut of the new car certainly doesn’t compare to humanity’s otherworldly first steps, but it will almost certainly be the last high-spinning Type R before electrification takes over. This is certainly a special event in the automotive world.

What can we expect when the cover finally comes off? The new Civic Type R will remain a front-wheel drive engine, confirmed directly by Honda when it set FWD records at Suzuka in April. His time was nearly a second faster than the previous record holder, which just so happened to be the current Civic Type R. Thus, we can postulate that the engine will not see as many power bumps, if any. Sorry guys, rumors of a 400 horsepower wild monster are probably not true.

Last week, online leaks allegedly revealed five exterior colors for the new Type R. Black, white, gray, red, and blue are listed, but Phoenix Yellow is missing. Could the iconic Type R color be slated for a future special edition model?

For style, the standard edition 11th-generation Civic is a conservative evolution of the previous iteration, and we expect a similar design feel to the Type R. Large vents in the front fascia and larger wings at the rear are still available. as we can see from the disguised prototype. Based on our sights, we made a rendering of how the last car could look and is indeed lighter than its predecessor.

New Honda Civic Type R (2022), renders from

How accurate is our rendering? Stay tuned, because we’ll finally find out the truth on July 20th. In the meantime, check out our Rambling About Cars podcast with a discussion of the Honda Civic and more.


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