Here’s the Most Beat-Up Land Rover Defender We’ve Ever Seen

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To some extent, the new Land Rover Defender is not a direct replacement of its legendary predecessor. Some might argue about that but in our eyes, the new iteration of the off-roader is a much more advanced, sophisticated and luxurious vehicle than the Defender should be. That doesn’t mean the new model is bad, not at all, it just has a very different philosophy.

But why are we talking about the differences between the classic and new Defender? Because we found the video on Youtube, which shows the coolest Defender we’ve ever seen. And our first thought was – can a modern Defender still run in the same conditions? With so many complicated electronics and systems, we highly doubt it.

This is what we are talking about. It Passy a channel on the world’s largest video-sharing platform filmed a truly catastrophic Land Rover Defender in Congo. It’s from the 1994 model year and has a diesel engine under the hood. Its current state is way beyond what you can imagine but the engine is still running and operating.

Of course, if you want to start the engine, you have to push the off-roader. There may not be a starter in the engine bay and once the ignition is activated a gentle push will start the ignition compression engine. There is no fuel tank, instead, diesel fuel is stored in a large tube next to the engine. We can’t say the engine runs smoothly but when it spins, it (almost) sounds like a healthy diesel factory.

We know nothing about the history of this Defender and how it ended up looking that bad. However, we know that older diesel engines, especially those without a turbocharger and exhaust gas filtering system, are virtually indestructible. The exterior is so rusted that it looks like an art installation rather than an actual vehicle. However, we believe this Defender has years remaining on the road.


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